Mission Statement

The Breakthrough House exists to connect women to Jesus while walking beside them through life.

The Breakthrough House is a ministry of Huntington First Baptist Church. We exist to connect women to Christ, His Church, and His Cause. We use the power of Jesus to overcome the guilt, frustration, hopelessness, fear, and shame of a life of addiction. We stand firm in creating a foundation of faith, hope, and love while walking with women as they grow in Christ and their recovery. The Breakthrough House is a home for women to share as they transition into productive women in society.

Our church started working on this ministry in 2022 with renovations to the house and establishing policies and a ministry team. In 2023, we hired a house mom and opened up the house for ministry.

Program Participant Application

If you are interested in applying to be a program participant, you can download the application here.

Once you fill out the application, you can turn it in by:

  • Turn in at or by mail to:
    • Huntington First Baptist Church Main Office
    • 702 N. Main St.
    • Huntington, Texas 75949
    • Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 4 pm
  • Email completed application to Charity Napier

Leadership Team

Breakthrough House Director

Charity Napier

Breakthrough House Mom

Email Charity

Charity started in January 2020 as our Church Secretary. She now is our Ministry Assistant, Most Excellent Way Director and spearheaded the creation of Breakthrough House. She has a passion for helping people know Jesus and recover!

Breakthrough House Ministry Team

We have a variety of men and women who serve on this ministry team. They help advise and make decisions along with the Director and House Mom. They have a heart to see women get back on their feet, recover and be restored to new life!

Support the Breakthrough House

If you want to give financially to support the Breakthrough House, you can give through this link below. All of your gifts will be used to help disciple women and to help them recover and get on their feet.


Pictures of the House


These businesses and organizations have graciously donated to help renovate, furnish and support this recovery ministry! Thank you to each one of them!

Connect With Us on Social Media

You can follow along with our ministry journey on our Breakthrough House Facebook Page.