We exist to bring glory to God and to make disciples who make disciples.

D-Groups are designed to intentionally equip believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to replicate faithful followers of Christ.

D Groups intentionally equip believers with the Word of God.

D-Groups have a set training program that is very purposeful. Discipleship is not left to chance. Many times in the church today we do a number of things and hope the end result is disciples being made. D-Groups are an intensive, focused, 40-week program to grow disciples. D-Groups are made up of believers who are willing to be accountable, faithful and teachable.

D Groups focus on the Bible.

D-Groups are in addition to our church’s worship times and Life Group times. Specifically, D- Groups develop the daily discipline of being in God’s word and allowing God to speak to you individually. Our D-Groups have a curriculum of 200 key Scripture passages in the Bible. Each week members will have five Scripture passages to read and one verse to memorize. A daily journal is provided within this book for members to write down their daily time in God’s word.

D Groups are characterized by accountability to one another.

The D-Groups are kept to between 3-5 men or women so that the interaction may be as personal and confidential as possible. D-Groups are designed so that members share their journey of growth together. Accountability within the group is necessary to facilitate that growth. Members are held accountable to their daily time in the Scriptures, to memorization of the verse of the week, to prayer and to evangelism. D-Groups meet once a week for an hour to an hour and a half at a place and time that is convenient to its members.

D Groups depend on the Holy Spirit.

D-Groups depend upon the Holy Spirit to do His work of transformation in the members’ lives. Prayer is a central part of D-Groups, as members open their lives to the activity of God.

Multiplication is the goal of the D Groups.

After the prescribed time of meeting together members will then replicate the process with a group of their own. Discipleship is not complete until members are making disciples who are making disciples.

You can download a sample of the D Group Book to get a feel for what the material will be and to see the D Group Covenant.

If you are interested in joining a D Group for the upcoming school year, please contact Darryl ( or