Youth Pastor

We are hiring a full-time Youth Pastor to oversee our growing youth & children’s ministries. He will also oversee our Directors for Nursery, Children (K-4th) and Preteen (5th-6th) to provide an overarching strategy.

This Pastor will impact the next generation in our church as well as their families.


This Youth Pastor will have the following responsibilities:

  • Develop an overall ministry strategy for children, youth, and their families.
    • Set a direction for an overarching discipleship strategy that reaches from Babies to Seniors in High School.
  • Oversee the ministry to youth. (7th – 12th grades)
    • Create and equip a team of youth ministry volunteers to serve alongside the Youth Pastor.
    • Lead & direct the weekly programs for youth. This includes Wednesday Night Youth Worship and Sunday morning Life Groups.
    • Plan special events for youth for the purpose of creating spiritual milestones in their lives. (Disciple Now, Youth Camp, Youth Mission Trip, etc.)
    • Be involved in extra-curricular activities of youth.
    • Develop and oversee the youth budget. The average youth budget over the last 5 years has been $16,500.
    • Provide sexual misconduct prevention training for volunteers in conjunction with the Ministry Assistant.
  • Oversee the Nursery Director (Babies – Pre-K), HFBC Kids Director (K – 4th), Agency 56 team (5th – 6th), and any future Youth Interns.
    • Provide support for each of these employees or volunteer teams in their individual ministries
    • Communicate expectations and pastoral instruction to these part-time employees.
    • Supervise the creation of budgets of the ministry areas under his responsibility.
  • Assist in other pastoral ministries.
    • Since this is a pastoral role, there will be more opportunities to serve as you have passion and gifting (worship, missions, etc.)
    • Contribute to the overall ministry of the church and to other staff members’ needs on a periodic basis (VBS, Life Groups, etc.)

Expectation of Skills & Character

These are the kinds of skills and characteristics we are looking for in the Youth Pastor at HFBC.

  • Education & Experience
    • Education: Bachelor’s Degree required. Preferably has some theological education completed through seminary or is willing to continue his seminary education concurrently.
    • Experience: 2-5+ years of experience in Youth Ministry or other Pastoral Ministry.
    • Licensed and/or Ordained to the gospel ministry.
  • Character
    • This man should exhibit all the characteristics given in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. As a pastor serving our church, God will give you a role of influence and make you an example. We expect these traits to be evident in your life:
      • Authentic – living out the truths that you teach
      • Maturing – growing in godliness
      • Family Man – faithfully providing for and shepherding his own family
      • Respected – has a reputation that is God-glorifying both within and outside the church
  • Skills
    • Teaching – Biblically, pastors are men who have the ability to teach. He must be gifted in communicating the truth of God’s Word to people in a way they can understand and will want to live out.
    • Leadership – This pastor needs to be sure of his calling, take initiative in that, and be intentional with his time and words. We want someone who in his pursuit of God invites others to join alongside him.
    • Administration – This pastor will be responsible to oversee both paid employees and volunteer teams. We expect this pastor to be professional in organizing and shepherding the people under his care.
    • Communication – Pastors must be able to communicate both God’s Word and church vision to employees and volunteer teams. We need someone who is not solely doing the work of ministry, but is equipping others for the work of ministry.
    • Love for People – Pastors are under-shepherds who are called to love the body of Christ like the Good Shepherd loves us.
    • Technology – We expect this man to be proficient in technology to accomplish the tasks and mission that God has given him at HFBC.
  • Other Expectations
    • We are looking for someone who wants to stay and invest in the next generation. This position will provide an opportunity to make a lasting spiritual impact on families.
    • We don’t view this job just as a stepping stone, but as a long term commitment to our church. (5-10 years or more!)

Who is Huntington First Baptist Church?

  • MISSION – We exist to connect the disconnected to Christ, His Church, and His cause. Or put more simply, we exist to connect people to life.
    • We are a church who wants to reach the 8,000+ people who call Huntington, Texas home with the good news of the gospel.
    • If you want to listen to our pastor preach on this new vision for our church, you can listen to this sermon from January 5th, 2020.
  • Size & Demographics
    • Before COVID, we averaged 225+ people in both Life Groups and Worship on Sunday mornings. We are back to 75% of those numbers on Sunday mornings.
    • We are a multi-generational church family that resembles our community in terms of demographics.
  • Children & Youth
    • Our Wednesday Night Programs are the main weekly event for K-12th. We average 150 people on Wednesdays including volunteers. We are back to 90% of those numbers after COVID.
      • Youth ~ 55
      • Agency 56 ~ 25
      • HFBC Kids ~ 60
      • Nursery ~ 10
    • Our Youth typically participate in these spiritual milestone events each year:
      • Disciple Now
      • Youth Camp
      • Youth Mission Trip
    • We also send our 3rd & 4th graders and 5th & 6th graders to camp each summer.
  • Other Church Ministries
    • We have an active Food Ministry that serves our community weekly and monthly by distributing food and the gospel. You can see more of that here.
    • We have an incredible ministry to those affected by drugs & alcohol called Most Excellent Way. You can check them out here!
    • We are seeking to reach an unreached people group in West Africa by taking 5-6 trips per year. All of this work is through the International Mission Board.
  • Staff Structure & Responsibilities – We have recently gone through a staff realignment to position ourselves for future growth. Please check out the church-approved staff organization structure.
  • Our Staff – You can also see our current pastors and other staff by going here:
  • Church Budget – If you would like to see our 2021 Church Budget, you can access that here.
  • Salary Expectation – We will communicate with qualified applicants about salary & other benefits as the interview process progresses. If you have questions, you can reach out to our Senior Pastor
  • Worship – If you want to get a feel for what the worship at our church is like, you can watch any of our recent live stream videos or check out a playlist of songs recorded during COVID here:
  • Sermons – If you want to listen to any of the sermons from Sunday Worship, you can access those here:

Apply For This Position

  • Pray about joining the pastoral staff of our church with your family.
  • Research our church and community to see if you think this will be a good fit for you and your family.
  • Email the following items to
    • Resume
    • Link to one of your teaching videos/audio recordings (sermon, Bible Study, etc.)
    • Picture of you and/or your family